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Lozier, Madix,10", 12", 13", 14", 15",16", 17", 19", 22", 3" H, 6" H, Wire Dividers, Chrome, New, Shelving Organizer, gondola shelving, wall, Island shelving, metal shelving, shelving divider, Fits, Shelf, Shelving Accessories, Display Shelving Dividers
New 10" - 22" Chrome Wire Dividers (50 count)

New 10" - 22" Wire Dividers For Gondola & Wall Shelving
3" & 6"H Available

Free Shipping!

Wire dividers are used to organize and separate merchandise while maximizing shelf space. Insert the dividers in various locations on your retail shelves to create bins that fit your product. These free standing dividers fit the round holes for Lozier and Madix upright shelving. Size Options are listed below.

Color: Chrome

Quantity: 50 p/Box

Size Options

Length: 10" - 22"

Height: 3" and 6"

Medium Duty 4" x .187" Triscan Brand New Peg Hook with Label Holder Chrome
4"x.187" Triscan Fish Peg Hook with Label Holder *Brand New* Chrome
Our Price: $30.00

4"x.187" Chrome Medium Duty Triscan Fish Peg Hooks with Labels

This price includes qty 100 NEW 4"x.187" Chrome Hooks, 100 quick inserts, and 100 2"x1.25"

clear label holders.

Great for displaying products, easy to move around, no mess with stickers and adhesives

Bottom Shelf Label Holder 4' *Brand New* White with Clear Protective Guard
Bottom Shelf Label Holder 4' *Brand New* White with Clear Protective Guard
Our Price: $45.00

Bottom Shelf Label Holder

Price includes box of qty: 50, NEW 48" x 1.25" white label holders with clear plastic flip protection guard.

These Data Strips with Grip holders are for all shelf sizes with half moon groove 48"x 1".

Securely snaps in place on half moon fronts, can easily be removed, no permanent adhesive mess.

Compatible with Lozier, Madix, many other brands. Won't work on flush lip fronts.

3" x 48" Front Wire Fencing Chrome Finish *NEW* (25 Count)
3" x 48" Front Wire Fencing Chrome Finish *NEW* (25 Count)
Our Price: $125.00

AA Store Fixtures 3" x 48" Front Wire Fencing w/ Chrome Finish 25 Count. This Chrome Front Wire Fencing is BRAND NEW and installation is just simply setting it in place on your Madix, Gondola, Streater, or Lozier shelving. Front Wire Fencing is placed in the front of shelving to provide organization and prevent items from falling off the shelves.

Front Wire Fencing Dimensions:
48" Length
3" Height