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Current & Future Nationwide Liquidations

March 30th Benton Harbor, MI

With 14 door Walk in Cooler = $15,000
Complete Flex pharmacy package = $4500
Or gondola shelving at just $20 per foot!!

Actual photos above. Priced to sell
Everything Must Go

Phone: 800.807.4333
Emai: [email protected]

Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

AA Store Fixtures holds multiple liquidations throughout the country. Sales are held on site offering liquidation pricing on used store fixtures. Gondola shelving, Pharmacy Fixtures, Coolers, Freezers, Checkout Counters, Shopping carts and much more available for our customers. Liquidations are run quickly so if you are in the area, check out our On-Site Liquidations before we vanish, moving on to the next liquidation. Dates of liquidations are subject to change, as is the availability of stock.