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Gridwall and Slatgrid Panels and Accessories

AA Store Fixture Gridwall & Slatgrid Panels are the most versatile and cost-effective display options available to all types of retailers. Gridwall and Slatgrid Fixtures can be used on the wall, the ceiling or free-standing on the floor. Also, these implements can be used singularly or connected to other panels, allowing for unlimited display possibilities. Combined with our wide assortment of additions, hooks, shelving and accessories, you can truly maximize your merchandising space.
Gridwall & Slatgrid Panels Gridwall Hooks
Gridwall and Slatgrid panels are the most cost effective display option for retailers.

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Gridwall & Slatgrid hooks enhance functionality and increase your merchandising options.

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Gridwall Legs & Bases Grid Faceouts and Waterfalls
Add stability, mobility and visibility to your Gridwall and Slatgrid displays with a variety of stationary legs or movable bases.

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Enhance your existing Gridwall display with attractive waterfall arms and expansive faceout brackets.

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Gridwall Brackets Gridwall Connectors
Expand, enhance or modify your Gridwall or Slatgrid display to effectively merchandise your product.

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Attach, expand and contour your Gridwall and Slatgrid displays with connectors

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Gridwall Shelves Grid Wire Merchandisers
Add depth and dimension to your Gridwall and Slatgrid displays with display shelving

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Increase visibility and access to your product, while maximizing your retail space with our Grid Wire Merchandise Displays.

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