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Endless Glass Door Cooler-Remote Condenser Used Glass Door Coolers-Self Contained

Used Glass Display Coolers 

Used self contained display cooler Plug in and start selling 

Self-Contained units are just that, ready to go! No costly refrigeration technician! Just make sure the Coolers electrical requirements are met and it's that simply. We test all units before being shipped ensuring a fully functional quality used unit arrives at your place of business. 

Endless Glass Door Coolers

Remote condensing unit 

Used where more than 3 cooler doors are needed. These units consist of the cooler box, glass doors and evaporator and require that the condensing unit be installed, requiring a refrigeration tech and electrician. Most are manufactured in 3, 4 and 5 glass door sets that can be bolted together in a row making as long a run as needed, and with the advantage of being powered by a single condensing unit.
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2 Door True, AA Store Fixtures
2 Door True Cooler-Used
Our Price: $1,400.00
Most stores require only a limited number of self-contained glass door display coolers. We recommend minimizing their usage whenever planning a new store. Each unit operates using it's own condensing unit and thus power source. Larger quantities of doors can still be run with a single condensing unit and at a much lower cost. Walk-in coolers and endless reach-in coolers will cost more initially, however this cost will be recouped quickly in lower electrical cost and maintenance. 

Used only competent, Licensed Electricians and Refrigeration Technicians. There is no cost savings in attempting to bypass their services and/or cost. It's dangerous and illegal and in almost every case cost you more over time.