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Used Endcap Shelving

Used Lozier Endcap Displays. Endcaps are some of the most valuable real-estate in store design and merchandising. Most are placed at both ends of an Island Shelving run and usually ordered in the same height as the Island run. These sales dynamos will have vendors begging for every inch available so try and maximize their use when planning your layout. All sizes and colors vary, please allow 2-3 week lead time. Please call with any questions.

Lozier Endcap Units

  • Available Widths - 3' or 4'
  • Upright Sizes - 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72, 84, 96(in inches)
  • Base Deck Sizes - 13, 16, 19, 22 (in inches)
  • Upper Shelf Sizes - 10, 13, 15, 17, 19 (in inches)
  • Call for quote sizing - 25" base with 22" shelves also available. Height can go up to 120" tall.

Choosing Endcap Width-Endcap width is determined by the base deck sizes of your Island units and match best as follows:

  • 3' Endcap - 13", 16" and 19" Island base deck sizes
  • 4' Endcaps - 19", 22" and 25" Island base deck sizes

We offer some Endcap Shelving for online purchase. Many other options are available, but are too numerous to list for sale online. For free consultations and estimates call today and put our knowledge and experience to work for you! 1-800-807-4333

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Used 3' endcap unit with 2 shelves Used 3' endcap unit with 3 shelves Used 3' endcap unit with 4 shelves
Used 4' endcap unit with 2 shelves Used 4' endcap unit with 3 shelves Used 4' endcap unit with 4 shelves